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Benefits of Comprehensive Eye Exams


A comprehensive eye exam helps in more ways than one! Besides checking your eye health, it saves your life! When you go for an eye exam, you can care for your eyes better and manage potential illnesses. Check out more benefits below.

  • Early detection

    If you think your eyes are healthy, think twice! With the help of an ophthalmologist in New York, a comprehensive eye exam can help detect eye illnesses that may not show obvious symptoms at first. It catches potentially fatal health problems such as diabetes, certain cancers, and high blood pressure early.

  • Better eyesight

    You use your eyes for everyday tasks, such as working and reading books, watching television, and driving. That’s why your vision may weaken gradually, and you may not notice the changes. So the next time you visit an optical glasses store, get a comprehensive eye exam with your ophthalmologist.

  • Protection from health issues

    To detect changes in peripheral vision, your doctor will conduct a visual field test and other necessary tests to check your blood vessels, nerves, and tissues. This way, experts can determine whether you need eyewear or other eye care services to protect your eye health from potential harm. Get comprehensive eye care as soon as possible!

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