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Choosing the Most Suitable Optical Frames for You


Buying eyeglasses has become more interesting, especially when it comes to eyeglass frames. They come in various colors, shapes, and styles. The list of materials used in making frames has also become longer. Different materials have been used like metals, plastics, and surprisingly natural wood. Over the years, eyeglass companies have manufactured varied, unique, and beautiful styles of frames to suit everyone’s preferences and fashion sense. Read on to know the various types of frames you can choose from in the market like those available at our eyeglasses store in New York.

  • Metal frames
    One of the most popular frames is metal frames. They are preferred due to their strength and durability. Each type of metal used as a frame has its own upsides. The popular types of metals used in manufacturing frames include titanium, stainless steel, beryllium, monel, aluminum, etc. Those providing visual ophthalmology services often use these frames.
  • Frames made of plastic
    Another type of famous frame is the plastic frame. These frames are very fashionable, light, colorful, and have different styles. They cost less compared to metal frames as well. But they are not as strong as metal frames and can break more easily. There are various types of plastics used in making plastic frames like zyl, blended nylon, optyl, and cellulose acetate propionate. Numerous numbers of eyeglasses have plastic frames.
  • Frames made of wood
    Among the types of frames, those made of wood are unique and have several advantages. Natural wood is used in making them and they come in various stains. They are also hypoallergenic since they are created from pure wood and the coat used on them is plant-based. They are also treated with natural wood treatments. These frames appeal to many because they are very light and comfortable and stylish. They are also environmentally friendly.
  • Rimless frames
    Rimless frames are liked by many people, particularly those individuals who prefer a subtle look. They come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Half-rimless frames are also available as an alternative. These kinds take the focus off the frame because they are almost invisible. People also love them because they are lightweight and comfortable. You may opt for this frame after having your walk in eye exam. However, they are more delicate compared to rimmed frames and have more chances of breaking.

At Forest Optical, you can delight yourself in choosing from our wide selection of excellent eyeglasses. Surely, you can find the glasses that will match your need and style. Feel free to contact us about our optical glasses store in Ridgewood, New York.

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