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Do’s and Don’t’s When Using Eye Drops


Your optometrist may recommend you to use eye drops to treat an eye infection, injury, or condition. You may also be using over-the-counter eye drops to relieve dry or red eyes. No matter what reason you are using them, it is important for you to use eye drops correctly.

As a provider of visual ophthalmology services, here are some do’s and don’t’s we frequently remind our clients:

  • Don’t self-diagnose
    While it is important to educate yourself, it is important to contact an eye doctor if your eye problems persist longer than one or two days.
  • Know what you are taking and why
    Make sure to check whether you are taking prescription drops or some over-the-counter lubricating drops as they are not the same.
  • Take out your contact lenses
    Only specific types of drops can be applied without removing your contact lenses. Wait a few minutes before putting your contact lenses back on.
  • Don’t touch
    Make sure the tip of the eye drop bottle does not touch your eye or eyelashes as this can introduce bacteria that can taint the drops.
  • Don’t rush
    Take the time to follow the application procedures to achieve the maximum benefit.

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