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Eyecare for Teens: What You Should Know


Eye health is not just for adults and the elderly. Comprehensive eye exams are necessary at any age since issues related to the eyes can emerge anytime. This includes the teenage years, a period in which the body undergoes several changes.

Whether you’re a parent to a teenager or are a teen yourself, we at Forest Optical, experts in optical care in Ridgewood, New York, can arm you with critical information.

There are various things that teenagers may do to keep their eyesight in good condition. For starters, here are a few elements you should protect yourself from and how we can be instrumental in the process:

  • UV sun exposure

    UV radiation exposure causes long-term damage, such as macular degeneration and cataracts. As a result, teenagers and people of all ages, in general, should wear glasses to protect their eyes from UV light. Don’t you have a pair yet? Grab yours at our optical glasses store!

  • Blue light

    It is also critical to minimize screen time and safeguard your eyes when using technological devices. This is because excessive screen time from video games, phones, laptops, and tablets strains the eyes. You can consult our experienced optometrist to learn about different strategies to protect your eyes from blue light.

  • Infection

    The most commonly-occurring eye infection is viral conjunctivitis (pink eye), but it is not the only one. To limit your chances of transferring bacteria that cause eye infections, avoid exchanging make-up or eye drops with others and touching your eyes often.

If you want to gain access to the best ophthalmologist in New York, get in touch with us today!

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