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Telltale Signs You Need to Have Your Eyes Checked


Your vision can change throughout your life, especially as you get older. Although you may not need prescription eyewear today, there may come a time when you need them at some point. In addition to seeing an Ophthalmologist in New York, there are symptoms to look out for that will help determine the need to get your vision checked.

As a trusted optical glasses store, we will share the signs that indicate a need to have your eyes checked:

  • Difficulty seeing clearly at night.
    This vision problem disrupts your ability to see in dark or dimly lit settings. This may develop over time and will make it difficult to see road signs, animals, and other elements in your surroundings as you drive. This may also make it difficult to navigate your home at night.
  • Squinting your eyes constantly.
    If you find yourself squinting at a block of text or at your computer screen in an attempt to bring the letters into focus, you may need to undergo comprehensive eye exams. You may also experience blurry vision which is a sign of eye strain. This occurs when you have been staring at a digital screen for long periods without taking a break.
  • Frequent and consistent headaches.
    Headaches are a common symptom of eye strain and are often referred to as ocular migraines. Similar to normal migraines, ocular migraines can cause pain and impede your ability to perform daily tasks. This can also cause pain in your neck, shoulders, head, and back.

Forest Optical is a well-established provider of optical care in Ridgewood, New York. To provide quality eye care for the family, we also offer eye examinations, contact lens exams, and similar services. Set an appointment or call us for inquiries.

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