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Visual Field Eye Exam and Its Importance


When you come in for an eye exam here at Forest Optical, a provider of reliable optical care in Ridgewood, New York, our optometrists can assess much more than just your corrective lens prescription. We can do tests to assist in identifying glaucoma, diabetic eye issues, and other eye conditions that might not have obvious symptoms.

The region you can see when focusing on a single point is known as your visual field. It covers both what can be seen in your peripheral vision and what can be seen straight in your line of sight. Our ophthalmologist in New York will make sure to assist you with your eye exams every step of the way.

Your visual field contains indicators of the condition of your total eyesight. Schedule a consultation in our optical glasses store if you wish to map your visual field or learn more about the many visual field tests and the eye conditions they can identify.

A visual field test is used to measure the size of your visual field and the clarity of your eyesight throughout the whole visual field. The tests assess your peripheral vision’s sensitivity as well as how far you can see there without turning your head from side to side.

We also offer other services, such as a contact lenses exam. Please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with us.

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