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Choosing Your First Pair of Glasses

Choosing Your First Pair of Glasses

You’ve been complaining about your vision for a while now. So, you visit an optical glasses store in Ridgewood, New York, and they tell you major news—you need glasses.

But while you have an answer to your vision issues, you’re now faced with a new problem. And that is choosing your first pair of glasses.

If you need help in picking out the perfect pair, here are some tips from our eyeglasses store in New York.

  • Know which lenses you should get.

    While your glasses’ appearance matters to you, your priority should be its lenses. That’s what you need glasses for, after all.

    Your optometrist would have surely mentioned which lenses you need during your exam, but if you can’t remember, you can always ask them for confirmation.

  • Pick the color and style wisely.

    There are so many options out there for colors and frames. While that’s a good thing, it can also be a little overwhelming.

    Our advice would be to consider your face shape and, more importantly, your personal preferences. Just try out anything that catches your attention and takes pictures for comparison. You may also want to think about matching your glasses with the outfits you own.

  • Think about comfort.

    Another thing you need to think about is comfort. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable pair that gets on your nerves the entire day. Wear each potential frame for a couple of minutes to gauge how comfortable they are. Go for more lightweight for your everyday use.

Get your very first pair of glasses from Forest Optical! Please contact us for more information about our visual ophthalmology services.

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