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Eye Errors that Require the Usage of Eyewears

Eye Errors that Require the Usage of Eyewears

Refractive errors can affect both adults and kids. According to the National Eye Institute, these are vision dilemmas that make someone see unclearly when the shape of the eye keeps light from focusing accurately in the retina. People can get corrections when they seek Visual Ophthalmology Services to get a compatible pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Here are the common refractive errors that may need the help of the optical glasses store in Ridgewood, New York.

  • Astigmatism
    Near and far items look blurry.
  • Farsightedness or hyperopia
    Far objects look blurry.
  • Nearsightedness or myopia
    Nearby items look blurry.
  • Presbyopia
    Items are hard to see up-close. This vision error is an age-related problem that affects the elderly.

When you have these types of eye problems, seek the best eye doctor immediately. Do not worry because you still have a chance to get back your clear vision, as long as you wear your lenses as prescribed.

For your optical needs, visit us at Forest Optical. We are an eyeglasses store in New York that offers eye examinations for kids and adults, comfortable eyewear, and designer frames and sunglasses that match your style. To find out more about offers and plans, call us at 718-418-0100.

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