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Clean Your Eyeglasses the Proper Way

Clean Your Eyeglasses the Proper Way

Many New Yorkers use a pair of corrective eyeglasses daily, as recommended by their ophthalmologist and for other good reasons. You, too, are probably wearing right now a pair you bought from an eyeglasses store in New York!

Eyeglasses can help you see better and prevent you from experiencing headaches or nausea. However, there are times when it becomes irritating. For instance, when you see a speck of dust or smudge on either one of the lenses. Let’s not forget the natural oils from our skin and eyelashes that build up around them, too, reducing our eyeglasses’ effectiveness.

Many are guilty of cleaning their eyeglasses, particularly the lenses, using their sleeve or their shirt’s base. However, this will only create a likelihood of scratching the lens. Bear in mind that once there is a scrape in the lens, you won’t be able to scratch it out or buff it.

When cleaning your eyeglasses, all you need are soap, warm water, and a dry cloth to keep your eyeglasses optimally clean and functional. At our optical glasses store in Ridgewood, New York, we provide microfiber cloths for dry touch-ups, which you can use when you’re in a public place.

Whether you need a pair of eyeglasses or visual ophthalmology services in New York, please feel free to contact Forest Optical.

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