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Discover Lifestyle Factors That Affect Eye Health

Discover Lifestyle Factors That Affect Eye Health

Although age is the top risk factor that affects eye health, other factors contribute to problems with your vision. Aside from high blood pressure or diabetes, several lifestyle factors increase your risk for vision problems. As your trusted optical glasses store in Ridgewood, New York, we will share the top lifestyle factors that affect eye health:

  • Excessive screen time.
    You may be aware that spending too much time on your smartphone or laptop is unhealthy, but did you know that excessive screen time can also cause myopia in both adults and children? To reduce your risk, it’s best to invest in eyeglasses that offer blue light protection and reduce screen time, especially before bedtime.
  • Smoking
    While the consequences of smoking are widely known, not many are aware that smoking can also lead to vision problems. Smoking impacts the long-term maintenance of vision and may cause retinal disease and blindness due to retinal artery occlusion.
  • Poor contact lens hygiene.

    Many people prefer to use contact lenses rather than glasses. However, wearing contact lenses for a long time can lead to complacency in terms of hygiene. Neglecting to clean your contact lenses can lead to bacterial and fungal infections. It’s best to always stock up on your contact lens solution from a local eyeglasses store in New York to ensure your contact lenses are clean and ready to use.

Forest Optical is a long-standing provider of visual ophthalmology services in the Queens community and its surrounding neighborhoods. In addition to eyewear, we offer comprehensive vision care services to meet each patient’s needs. Give us a call to set an appointment with us.

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