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Possible Causes for Your Blurred Vision


Your blurred vision can mean a lot of things, not just the need for glasses. Forest Optical only wants what is best for your eyes. So we’re here to talk about some of the most common causes for your blurred eye-sight. Take a look:

  • Eyestrain
    This can happen after focusing on something without taking a break. This is a common condition among people who spend long hours in front of computers and mobile screens.
  • An incoming migraine
    Migraine attacks are typically accompanied by an aura, which causes blurred vision. Though, frequent migraines could be a sign that you need eyeglasses.
  • Corneal abrasion
    This happens when your cornea gets scratched or injured, leading to blurry vision and feeling like there’s something in your eye. You may need Visual Ophthalmology Services to find the best cure.
  • Conjunctivitis
    Also called “pink eye”, can also cause blurred vision. If you have pink-eye, consult your optometrist on which medication is best for you to use.

If you find that you’re experiencing blurred vision often, it’s time to visit our Optical Glasses Store in Ridgewood, New York. Don’t worry, this doesn’t immediately mean that there’s something wrong with your eye. You’re just here to get an expert’s opinion. There’s no need for an appointment, just walk into our Eyeglasses Store in New York for your eye exam!

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