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Things You Can Do to Prevent Dry Eyes


A dry eye can be uncomfortable and irritating. A dry eye is not something you should leave untreated for a long time because if you do, it can cause sensitivity of the eye, blurred vision, and other complications. Significant drying of the surface of the eye can even lead to an increased risk of serious infections and can permanently impair your vision.

People with severe dry eyes might have their quality of life affected and have difficulties in performing daily activities, such as reading. If you want to reduce your risk of getting dry eyes, here are some things you can do that might help:

  • Avoid air blowing in your eyes.
  • Consider wearing protective eyewear.
  • Rest your eyes every once in a while during long tasks.
  • Quit smoking and avoid smoke.

But the most ideal way to prevent dry eyes is to visit an optometrist regularly. They can also help detect other eye problems and certain health problems before they actually occur or develop any further. Early detection of these problems allows you to take precautionary measures.

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