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Recognizing Headaches Caused by Eye Strain

Recognizing Headaches Caused by Eye Strain

Eye pain or headache with a normal-appearing external eye usually has another answer than the eye itself. One needs to go through an eye exam to have their optic nerves evaluated by a professional who can distinguish whether the headache is due to eye strain or not. Routine visual ophthalmology services can help you with problems like this.

Most headaches are not due to eye strain. Usually, headaches are tension-type that have little to do with vision. This is why for the vast majority of people experiencing headaches, changes made to their glasses or doing eye exercises are generally not useful or will not solve the problem. But there are instances where persisting headaches may be due to eye strains or serious eye problems. This time, visiting your optometrist or calling a reliable eyeglasses store in New York is necessary!

The common signs of an eye strain headache include the following:

  • The pain developed after a prolonged eye activity.
  • The pain gets better with rest.
  • There is no accompanying digestive discomfort.
  • The pain is felt behind or around the eyes.

It is important to recognize the cause of your headache to know the proper treatment. Eye strain headaches are usually linked to prolonged use of digital screens, prolonged focus on a single task such as reading, and uncorrected vision. However, more serious eye problems cause severe headaches as well. Some eye problems that have headaches as one of their symptoms are eye inflammation, cornea-related problems, glaucoma, optic nerve conditions, and giant cell arteritis.

To have a thorough assessment of your eyes and rule out eye strain and eye problems as the main cause of your headache, visit our optical glasses store in Ridgewood, New York or call Forest Optical today. We are always ready to help!

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