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Tips for Teens: Maintaining Good Eyesight

Tips for Teens: Maintaining Good Eyesight

Our eyesight is one of the most important senses. If you have good eyesight, it is normal not to be worried about your eye health. But even as a teenager, your eyesight is still developing so it may not always be as perfect as it is now. For this reason, you still have to look out for your eyes to prevent any unwanted accidents, infections, injuries, and other eye complications. Even the best eye doctor that you know will agree to this.

The most common eye issues in teenagers are digital eye strain, astigmatism, hyperopia, myopia, dry eye syndrome, UV light damage, and injuries connected to sports. To prevent your risk of acquiring any of these eye problems,

  • Wear sunglasses (preferably with UV protection) when going out in broad daylight.
  • Put on protective eyewear when doing science projects or playing sports.
  • Refrain from staring at your computer screen or cellphone screen for too long.
  • Do not share any eye products with others like makeup and drops.
  • Always wash your hands because you might touch your eyes with dirty hands.

Find time for visual ophthalmology services. It is always best to have regular checkups and consult with a medical professional about questions that you may have.

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