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Tips to Keep Your Glasses Fog-Free With a Mask


It has been almost 2 years since the world went on lockdown because of COVID-19. But up to this day, the threat of the virus is still here. So, we continue to promote vaccinations, proper handwashing, and wearing of masks. We may have been used to it by now, but there are still some eyeglass wearers struggling with foggy glasses when wearing a mask.

As an optical glasses store in Ridgewood, New York, we will provide you with tips you can try to prevent your eyeglasses from fogging up.

  • Wash your glasses with soapy water.
    Just before you put on your glasses, wash them with liquid soap or mild detergent.
  • Insert your mask.
    You can wear your glasses over the top edge of your face mask or slide your glasses down your nose. By doing so, more air can flow between your glasses and your mask.
  • Tape your mask on your face with skin-safe tape.
    This will help keep your mask in place and seal the upper edge so no air can escape, and help prevents fogging of your glasses.
  • Use appropriate mask sizes or use a nose clip.
    The fogging of your glasses while wearing a mask may be because your mask does not fit properly. You may use a nose clip to adjust your mask.
  • Use anti-fog wipes.
    You can purchase anti-fog wipes if you want a quicker and handier method.

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